Darwis Triadi
When mentioning Photography, people will always clings to the name of Darwis Triadi. Andreas Darwis Triadi is the icon of photography in Indonesia. But who knows that inthe beginning of his career, Darwis was a pilot. Then, why he decided to change his profession become photographer?

Having the flyer license didn't make the man who was born on October 15, 1954 proud.Whereas, in 1978, the profession as a pilot was a prestige. But he felt that his soul was notin the air space. His social interaction with the people from the fashion world, changed his mind gradually about photography.

Until 1979, Darwis decided to change his profession. Although his parent against his decision, Darwis stick to his conviction. Darwis still step forward although his knowledge about photography does not enough yet. He does not have special education about photography. His new hobby was found out because he built a relationship with the amateur photographer. Meanwhile, the professional photographer tend to be introvert in that period. ''At that time, the photographer feel exclusive and didn't like other people join in their group to learn about photography. Maybe they're worried if they'll be competed with others'' he's wondering.

Intercepted by his ability, Darwis step straight forward. ''At that time, I promised to make the world of photography opened. I want this world to be a friendly and an interesting world'', said Darwis.
Starting from photos for Borobudur Hotel's brochure in 1980, he was paid for Rp. 50.000,-, this man with the moustache getting famous because he dares to be different. His Journey started in 1981. Father of two daughters, organized an exhibition with some amateur photographers. When his friends displayed various photos about landscape and humanity, Darwis rather displayed photos of models. The visitors surprised and amazed. But, some of them insult him and said that Darwis is a photographer who didn't know about technique of photography and against the rules at once.